Aircraft frames, fixtures and special maintenance kits :
Rotor Stand
Rotor StandRotor Stand

Automobile reproduction parts including engineering and tooling :

Automotive GrillAutomotive Grill

 Special panels :
special panelsspecial panels

Aerospace products :

windshield framewindshield frame

Turbine covers :

Expanded metal from dies designed and manufactured
by Die-Matic Tool Co., Inc.:

turbine coverexpanded metal

Sheet metal frames:
sheet metal framessheet metal frames

Special tooling for antique products :

Designed, built and run production of 50 cal. machine gun 15A2 links :
special tooling for antique products50 cal. machine gun 15A2 links

Calibration unit for missile launchers :

calibration unit for missile launcherscalibration unit for missile launchers